Power Red!!! That’s Jesus!!! 26JAN – #1056


When you donate Power Red blood in a church, it’s great to be reminded WHO gave HIS BLOOD for ALL… BLESSED by the blood of JESUS! THERE’S POWER IN THE BLOOD !!!!

After I donated power reds, I noticed the banner behind me that said: “The blood of Jesus will never lose its power”. AMEN!!! 

(And I passed my iron screening as well, 13.3!!!! Woohoo!!! Took iron supplements for the last week before today, and steak last night!!! Now I’m set for another 16 weeks, power reds take double cells but give back your fluids plus some, I HIGHLY recommend it over regular donations. There were very few people at the place, so I felt covid safe…. And I got mini oreos… yum)

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