Emails praising awakening – 01FEB- #51



Email, Feb 1, morning:

Hi, Debbie,

PRAISE THE LORD!  HE and the angels in heaven are rejoicing in your new life in HIM!  God bless you richly; I look forward to reading your 89 pages. Love in Him,


Email to Pastor, Feb 1

that was a great sermon and H said she knew you were talking about me in the first service and I KNEW you were talking about me in the second service – I liked how you said something like – “just going to go with it…”  and I thought you were very strong in your message…   I was just smiling all the way through…



Email to a friend, Feb 1, evening:

was thinking of our conversation and was singing amazing grace  – thinking of how much the lyrics pertained and then it started snowing….  graceful snow …   🙂



Email from a friend, Feb 1

Still reading through your writings Debbie, loving the Lego one right now, after a brother, son and now grandson who all love Lego I can so relate to this.  One block at a time, wonder what God is building in me today.




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