Email from a friend 27JAN- #43



Email from a friend, 27JAN

Thanks, I am all choked up…I know that I am only a product of HIS light shining through me


On Jan 27,  10:42 AM, “L” wrote:
Thank you Debbie, this is a beautiful essay full of gratitude written by you (you have the writer’s talent here ) but felt by many I am sure.  We often do not thank those we take for granted, but that is a dangerous practice, I feel all of us should put more gratitude in our attitude.  That being said, I want to say a collective thank you from myself and many others( I am sure ) to you for all you do for our church.  Most of all I want to say thanks for the positive , encouraging and EXCITED optimism that you bring to everything you have a hand in, and that’s a lot!
There are many of us in the church who admire you and are thankful for you ~ some ( like me ) wish we had just a smidgen of your energy, but God has blessed us all differently and abundantly and you definitely use your talents for the greater good.

It is a blessing to know you and love you.  God Bless,



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