Smiles, 30JAN – #49



Smiles, 30JAN

yeah God is all around …I stumbled into this conversation today – from a fellow (younger) scientist…  we had a great talk about HER – not me… so good…   and God sent beautiful snowflakes here too, smiles….



Sent: Friday, January 30,  4:05 PM

To: Debbie

Sometimes I definitely feel a bit alone in being a Christian around here. I’m encouraged in your faith being a scientist. I feel like so many I meet just can’t believe because of “science”. I feel like the beauty of science and how it works just supports my faith in God even more.


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From: Debbie
Sent: Friday, January 30,  4:04 PM
To: x

Sure! And anytime you want to come talk I would love to sit down with you!!!!

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From: x
Sent: Friday, January 30,  3:59 PM
To: Debbie

Thanks .
I love the prayers included and look forward to using them to pray… It is so crazy. Here AND around the world! Thanks for the info, I like to be as informed as possible!


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