Hello world! Welcome!


My dearest friends,
God makes everything fall into place in a way only HE could… God knows our hearts and knows where HE wants us to grow…
God IS the ONLY one who knows where life will take you… God took me as imperfect as I am… So I am sure that God wants you too!

We have Questioning… He has Answers!

God found me right where I was and had Jesus hold out His hand until I took it. I did. I reached and Jesus pulled me up. He awakened me as if I was sleeping in my faith. I am not embarrassed as to where I was – but I am SO grateful to be where I am now.
Jesus is in our hearts to give us salvation in God’s eternal kingdom we need to welcome Him openly. Once we welcome Jesus as a gift from God, it’s OUR turn to offer our lives to HIM. Trust me, you will be eternally blessed if you do!

We are ALIVE for God’s almighty plan.

Please allow me to humbly share my LOVE of God’s hand in my life over this past year… I have written my year-long journey in a blog format while I was awakening and continue to write devotions and praises. I was not in crisis, except that I had not fully accepted Jesus. I had to write to process these life-altering experiences… God knew it was time to open my eyes, ears, heart, brain and soul and acknowledge Jesus as the WAY, the TRUTH and the LIGHT. God is my ALL in ALL… And I delight in the joys that He has bestowed on me before and after this realization.

My writing is not perfect but neither am I. This blog will release my writings chronologically.  If you would like to read ahead to my complete 300 plus musings and conversations with God  before i upload them here, then you may contact me or find my current facebook blog here:  https://www.facebook.com/debbie.upper.7.  It is important to read from #1 to # 52 for my awakening – IN THAT ORDER – because you will see my actual awakening – God MADE ME WRITE – i did not chose this but in hindsight i can see why God made me write – i highly recommend it to you as well!!!

Of course I would be thrilled to chat in the future, but please know that I am not an ordained minister or even have academic bible training – I am just a fellow traveler back to the Garden.

Please know that God loves every single one of you because HE wants ALL of us to be whole for the WHOLE of His Kingdom. He wants us to know Jesus so personally and depend on him.

Thank you for your love and support of me and ALL of God’s family. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hands.