Rain, a Floating Rain, 18JAN – #34



Mon, Jan 19 –
Ok we had ice, we had rain, can you pray for snow for me? Thanks. Someone said to me “this has been a terrible winter”, at the same time I thought-“when is winter actually going to come?” We all have our own takes on life, don’t we 😉

Rain, a Floating Rain, 18JAN

Been thinking (a lot) about rain today… pouring rain and God’s rain (and reign)… the rain washed away the ice from this morning’s ice storm, my section has a great flood plain built in so that no houses get flooded, the rain allowed me to check out my newly re-attached rain gutters (they work!), and I thought about my future rain barrel project.  The song at church was “let your mercy rain on me”. My friend from college posted a rain quote about digging drainage ditches for all God’s rain. And I had written a piece about my Christmas flood one month ago yesterday.

I have been thinking of how to explain my spiritual growth this past month. Today is one month and one day after that Christmas flood essay, where I explain how so much good “God rain” fell on me and how I hope I can make it last… I have been thinking about God, the Holy Spirit and figuring out my acceptance of Jesus in this spiritual growth NON -STOP for over a month, not one day goes by when I don’t think about this. Every thought when I am not thinking of something else…”what is wrong with me?” Or is it “what is right with me?”… Everything is reframed in my new balance of life.

How am I going to describe this new thought train? I did not ask for this, but I allowed it to happen. I thought it is like low hanging heavy gas which sinks down and permeates… Like poisonous gas? Like fog? No…it is NOT poison or cloudy… it is life-enriching and clear… it is like rain. Yup, rain into my brain… Ugh, why does brain have to have the word rain in it? Instantly I noticed that just now. After the letter “B”, as in “Be still and know that I am God”, comes R A I N. It’s nourishing rain, but not drowning rain… instead, the rain has floated me up…the rain water has blocked more negative, non-nutritive thoughts. The rain in my brain is washing me clean and floating me closer to God.

This rain from God, I hope others can understand how it has helped me, floated me…and filled those tiny crevices in my head. Time to take some thoughts out, and set then aside to dry. Time to plant new seeds. Time to share some of my rain with others… maybe my writings are like my future rain barrel… they give me something to pour out when rain is needed in a parched dried soul of one of my friends.

Yeah, rain… RAIN on me, REIGN in me, REIN me in.

Thanks, God, for all of it.

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