VBS email #2, 25Jan – #40


40 – VBS email #2, 25Jan

Everest – Vacation Bible School  –

Every year, one month prior to our summer vbs, we get to hear the reveal of the newest “easy vbs” kit from Group Publishing for the following year…when hearing “Everest”…Conquering Challenges with God Almighty Power…we got excited and knew that this was the perfect theme for us here at church!
Everest involves climbing, camping and snow (yes, you all know snow lovers even if you aren’t one), but Most Importantly it involves CONQUERING CHALLENGES…that is something so central to who we are as a church, who we are as Christians, and where we are going on our life-climbing journey. We can faithfully plug in anywhere here on this VBS journey.

Climbing and conquering challenges is not done alone. We have heard horror stories of those who go off the marked trails by themselves, of the avalanches-the catastrophies caused by snow, misguidedness and by life….we need help…we need a solid base camp (that’s YOU our whole church family) – we need YOU as our base camp to help us safely climb, to give us direction, to nourish us, to pray for us. We need YOU in our base camp for your experience and advice.

We all know we aren’t supposed to climb alone. Last year when calling out…so many were found… so many stepped up to the plate…These are our climbing buddies….This year we are all going on an expedition together, to not only climb the mountain, to conquer challenges with God’s power, but also to lead an expedition – it is our most important climb EVER – a mission to bring so many new people (young and not-so-young) with us to experience God’s Almighty Power and God’s Unfailing Love.

We are going to rely on our spiritual sherpas, our expedition guides, as well as our church base camp to collectively carry out this mission.

We hope you will join us! Look for more specifics in the months to follow. Please join us in this quest, whether as part of the base camp or as part of the expedition team. We are all in it together.


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