Roll Easter Rollercoaster, 29JAN – #45



Roll Easter Rollercoaster, 29JAN


God signed me up for an Easter rollercoaster…bought me the ticket, moved the coaster right to me…they say God can move mountains, but when he moves them deliberately INTO your path, you take notice…I noticed. It’s time for me to ride the ride and tackle the Easter mountain…and it is time for me to accept Jesus 100%, not just at 99.44%, where I am currently holding on. I got the Christmas part down now… Jesus is real to me now, been an awesome merry-go-round. Amen.

Easter is my rollercoaster… Hop on.

I also plan to try to pull in extra rollercoaster riders to travel with me. Actually, there are lots of people I want to ride with…

Do you LOVE old wooden rollercoasters??!!! The slow ascend, the bumpy bone jarring rattles, the click click click as you come to a screeching halt, glad it’s done. YOU LIVED! and so so ready to ride again…. It’s the closest thing to tempting death … with a thrill of escaping death to ride again. Got a wooden cross? I got a wooden rollercoaster. I realized that you take out the letters “rco” from “RollErcoASTER”, and you get “Roll Easter” (why or why do I notice these things at 2am, then get forced to take to my processing therapy writing?)…anyway…
Wouldn’t it be great to go ride an old coaster? Yup, the trip to nowhere which is somewhere…talkshow host Larry King used to say “Altoona, go ahead” to the phone callers…Well, there is something big near Altoona…MY rollercoaster…MY childhood rollercoaster…the Skyliner…dismantled from my childhood park…rebuilt in this little park in Altoona…..there are actually four coasters there, one being the oldest in the world. I rode the Skyliner with my cousin every summer, when we visited my Aunt and Uncle for a week. One time we rode like 23 times in one day…there was a huge rainstorm, but then cleared…and cleared out the park…talk about the best day ever as a kid (remind me to tell you about the rutabagas some other time)…

Once a friend and I rode a double coaster both times together…because you can never ride alone…you shouldn’t ride alone…you might slip out of the seat… I approach Easter this way too…with friends for help, ask them to pull on my seatbelt. I want to use this opportunity to seek out… I really want to be a fellow rider for so many now… to help them not slip out of their ride… to pull their seatbelt a little tighter into life… I don’t know if I can do this, if I can get thru to everyone who crosses my path… I will pray on this, pray for the right words, right opportunity to speak, pray that others continue to draw these folks in and engage them in life, pray that I might have any impact as an encourager… a seat belt tightener…

Well, I am in this Easter rollercoaster ride cue now…I’ve had a couple of months now to walk in my faith closer to the gate…I’ve got my ticket validated… I really am going to accept Jesus as my Lord and savior…I so want to drink that cup. I so want this rollercoaster ride.

I LOVE old wooden rollercoasters… and YES I want to see and feel this bumpy ride…feel that old wooden rugged cross… I want EASTER.

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