email about spirituality 05JAN – #18



Email with a dear friend, 05JAN

On Jan 5, “debbie” wrote:

You know, like you said, people don’t want to be told about what to think about spirituality or religion…they only come to out by their own free will…now there are many seekers like me who appreciate resources, appreciate other’s descriptions of their processes and find God-higher power-a governing spirit. But if the time is not right for them to hear it, or it comes from an unusual source then it may fall on deaf ears, may sound like lecturing, or may even sound blasphemous…it’s all due to your audience….perhaps the best audience for moving someone spiritually is the people you know who trust you and where you are in life and know what you tell them is a gift to you and you want to let them in on a secret that you have had a revelation…

I wrote a piece couple weeks ago about my prayers for my discernment between the Holy Spirit and the Blarney Stone, as I have received both as gifts for communication, I just have to figure out which is coming out of my mouth, which I want to come out when I talk about my spiritual awakening, and which will sound genuine.

Prayers and hugs

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