Future discussion planned with my professor -25JAN- #38


this was an email discussion where I was realizing that the Lord lined up a theology professor as one of my facebook and church friends – the right person at the right time to “show me the data” about who wrote the new testament – critical in my understanding of the “realness” of Jesus.


Future discussion planned with my professor

On Jan 25,  2:06 PM, Professor wrote:
These are the kinds of things I know a lot about. 🙂

—–Original Message—–
From: debbie
Sent: Sun, Jan 25,
Subject: Banned Bible

Oh boy, history channel… Random tv flipping while up home visiting…funny to come across this show, banned bible on the History Channel.. flipping between this and 80s videos on VH1 classic

They talked abot Marcion creating his own Bible…banning the old testament… “marcion’s eraser”

And in Oct 28, 312….conquering Constantine becomes Christian…looking for order and unity…to bring all people together… He summoned all the bishops, Nicea…Jesus was declared man and God.

Eucebius ???…church history, 18 books…which should be accepted… Which are heretical…

You know, my father would see the TV show “Happy Days” reruns that I would watch after school, and say ” that’s not accurate – that’s not how the fifties were”….one has to wonder about those types of discussions at Nicea, how romanticized the Bible writings were….1800 bishops invited, 200-300 showed….


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