email to Pastor et al, 30JAN – #47


47 email to Pastor et al, 30JAN

Subject: Re: VIDEO: Atheists Confounded as MIT Scientist Offers Proof that God Exists!

Thanks Pastor – you are a true blessing to me – always were but I realize it more now…

Yeah – good concise video – great explanation of the universe…although I always worry when a scientist says “proof” because in real science theory there is no proof – just an ability to “disprove” a null hypothesis –  but that really doesn’t matter here and the video is really is a good explanation of the universe – and it is so clear to me that the big bang theory, evolution and God are totally in sync…  “something from nothing”…  (where nothing is a really BIG something – GOD!)  and I do appreciate the video scientist discussion that God still works in everyday life – and not in an existentialist point of view that something came from nothing and that nothing is still nothing – that God is dead…  I shall have really good discussion with my atheist friends – because they are my friends first and atheists second…

“Something from nothing” …  and yes, now I have to tell you of a God sighting from this video. you sent… I listen to a radio station online with a good mix of old rock and my favorite morning show and my favorite dj – edgy I know, but funny and makes the commute zip by… (besides the DJ is an ordained minister too and always says “God Bless the Grateful Dead” LOL – but I digress…).  So, there is this new song – I have been hearing over and over again – and I really like it (even though I am not a foo fighters fan at all… a huge band, but I never listened to their songs). This new song was played on the radio over and over again – it was strong and spoke to me right away and it amplifies from mellow to stronger and stronger – and yes it grows like the universe – it is called “Something From Nothing”   So there you are – when the video scientist said that phrase “something from nothing” – God got a STRIKE – in bowling terms  – yet more proof that God exists BIG TIME and thinks about me and reminds me that he is taking care of me …


My music tastes connect me to God every day – over and over again… the best part about God is that we appreciate Him – that we notice Him – that we tune ourselves into him… those who don’t are lacking and I also just read tonight in a quick scan of a book  “The Reason for God”, the author states that Hell is:  “soul disintegration that self-centeredness creates” – and he related the story in Luke 16 – Lazarus and the Rich Man – hell for the rich man is spiritual blindness, denial and no identity of God… even when he is IN hell, he cannot see why Lazarus is in heaven…  I see that Hell could really be “Nothing from Something” – bitterness and spiritual denial takes all the good somethings away…

I really don’t need much more proof that God is alive – but it is reassuring to see –  I just look all around and it is so evident to me – those “rocks cry out” – I have to praise what I see… I always did – but now I feel like I am screaming it – which I have to find my quiet voice again to tell it more calmly…  that is why I write – – I can’t get the words just yet – it comes out in bursts – but writing just flows….  I send these writings to about 12 people now – whom I have shared my story with – trusted souls – and that number is growing – every day I think of someone else I could encourage and say ‘look God does exist in the little things and the big things and we don’t need just tragedies to turn us to God,  God is there all the time for you…..”  I don’t want to turn anyone off – or be boastful – but it feels so gosh darn good…. I didn’t know I could get MORE joyful than I was – but it’s a true gift from God – I am getting “something bigger from already having something” – an underlying music track of praise in my brain and a music track of love in my soul… it’s childlike I know – but hey – everyone seems to call me “kiddo” anyway… 😉

Today a small wisp of snow on the turnpike – it wasn’t snowing so where did this set of wispy drifts come from?  it must have failed from trucks – but snow is snow and God danced the wisps around for me – just like in my poem from a few weeks ago – He reminded me that He is there in everything…

Wispy, Jan

up early leave early
a Northerner awakened
wispy white wondrous
snowdrifts dance on the untreated Turnpike
dancing under the direction of the wind
occasionally caught in the imperfections of the road

the Subaru danced me all the way to work


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