Sir Issac Newton – Email to Pastor et al.., #48 (follow up to #47)


48 (follow up to #47)

Email to Pastor et al.., an early observation that God was bringing thoughts and people and direction to me to climb…

LOL, Pastor, you sent me a five minute video… And I sent it to my friend… now I have to read this huge tome from Sir Isaac Newton, sent to me by my friend, a trusted soul advisor… He is an amazing scientist and philosopher…he is a Thomas Jefferson-Ben Franklin-Isaac Newton and true God believer who uses science to prove God…he walks the fine line with teaching science and God philosophy…thank God he has tenure! His lab was immediately next door to my lab back many years ago, and he lives in one of the houses in the neighborhood that my great grandfather and grandfather built -I have carpenters in my blood 🙂

But actually I only had to read pages 544-555, that’s it, to get the gist… Of God creating the universe…I will read the rest later…

Such a blessing…
Thanks again

Dear Debbie,

A bit of Isaac Newton that I have my students read. Thanks for your thoughts and the video.


sir issac newton 1sir issac newton 2sir issac 3sir issac 4

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