We are the Walk of His Word, 30JAN – #1060


I have not truly hunkered down but I certainly have nested in more this year and lately… Subtract one kid away at college and I am blessed and bothered by the silence, wow… I am not sad but reminded to make hay in the sunshine (be busy) and just be. After my scripture readings, in the book of James, I just now finished watching a tremendous National Geographic show: walking the whole Grand Canyon, 200 plus miles by river is actually 700 plus miles by foot. Wow. (the show on Disney Plus).  Breathtaking, beautiful, bold landscapes and thought provoking discussions about development and economic growth compared to sacred land and preservation… how blessed to be nestled and on the move. 

Isn’t that bible reading too? Nestled but on the move. “Even angels long to look into these things.” Yes. How could we not?

One documentary hiker, hiking four segments in four times over the course of a year, stated that he learned humility and insignificance of one person, him, and saw mental layers of himself removed, which changed him as a person.  Amazing and awesome… 

I found his insignificant observation significant, because in the all vastness of the Grand Canyon, even we, small as we are, are all part of all the vastness of God. Spiritually, significant importance is that God’s Word is With Us, ALWAYS. So, as we decrease importance of human us in our layers, more and more we can discover that we are His. As we lose layers of our humanness, we expose our deepest core, bare bone, soul of Spirit and Truth. He is in us. He walks with us, but most importantly, He walks us.

I would like to hike, camp, be outside warm. (Snow storm coming tomorrow, “camp me” will stay at base camp… ) Imagine sleeping outside under the ribbon of stars. See it all. Be. But even if I travel, I won’t walk myself any fraction of a distance compared to how far He will walk me.

At base camp, I still sit and be absorbed in the vastness of all, while still on my couch. Where can I go in my quiet self? Walk the Word. Read the Word. Stay in Spirit shape. 

I am reading methodically thru the bible, in James right now as well as 1st Samuel. So, if I read thru the WHOLE bible, even in segments, it’s amazing to know there are vast places where He will take me. This is especially since it is not me reading my bible as much as THE BIBLE IS READING ME. What? Yes. Our bible scriptures are reading us. The Word, OUR WORD, works thru us because the Word wrote us into His love. He knew us first.  Jesus is the Word, walk His Way and He will walk you His Way too. 

Jesus will walk you His Way. Wear good shoes. 

In the Grand Canyon, they would die without water and food sources. We too. We need Spirit Source-water. In the Grand Canyon, the river of water flowed and formed the land. We too. We are cut from His Rock, water etched in His image. In the Grand Canyon, they captured photos and video, images and emotions, imagined life and death. We too. We are imagined into life from His death, reborn into His new life making us whole by way of Heaven. We are the captured ones. We are the Walk of His WORD. 

Where is Jesus taking you? Enjoy His View.


But just as he who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: “Be holy, because I am holy.” 1Peter 1:16

2 thoughts on “We are the Walk of His Word, 30JAN – #1060

  1. bobette dupertuis

    Debbie, This was a confirmation to me today as to a word that was given to me. We will soon move to Snowflake, AZ to begin a ministry there. I would like to print this along with a picture of the Grand Canyon and have it hanging on the wall with your permission. Thanks for your dedication and writings. May god bless and keep you near to his heart. Your forever sister Bobbi


    • of course!!! I am blessed that you found blessing in these thoughts!!!
      I am glad Arizona will have snowflakes and especially will have YOU sharing HIS Word…
      Keep Walking!!!
      God Bless you and keep you!


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