Clogged to Clear, 09JAN – #1361


Clogged to Clear, Lord.

Give us Reverence, 

Knock out unfounded Fear.

Clogged to Clear, 

Open our Eyes, 

Help us Hear.

Clogged to Clear, 

Hardships, Illnesses, Challenges. 

Handle them, Make them less Severe. 

Clogged to Clear, 

Oppression, Congestion, Obsession. 

Free those Bondages, Draw us Near.

Clogged to Clear, 

Fogs, Smogs, Eyes Filled with Logs. 

Give us Direction, Lord, You Steer.

Following by Faith not by Sight, 

Help us make our Walk with You More Sincere. 

Increase our Faith to Hold You Dear, Daily and in this and every New Year. You, Lord, are the Only One for us to Fear.

In Reverence and Obedience, for All Your Power, You Intend MOST to Make Your Love Clear.

May Your Love Show thru our clogged world view, 

May Your Love Always Appear in the Clear.


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