Mundane No More


Was driving home with my daughter a bit ago and I wondered if this really was the quality time that I would have picked or just normal time for helping. Well sitting in the Starbucks drive thru, I found it interesting timing that the school robo line called strangely on a Sunday, and I listened and my daughter listened… Sadly it was that a teacher’s aide staff member had unexpectedly died, and the vice principal asked us on the recorded message to ask our kids if they knew this person and if they needed support.  Well, my daughter (a graduate few ago) said “WOW”, she did know this teacher and she casually knew his son, her age. I realized that all my fretting about whether “normal” driving around and “chores” days was important became mute.  My concerns went out my mental drive thru window. It DID matter. It DOES matter to do the mundane, because I was IN the car WITH one child, and another at home, whereas this family of the same age had now unexpectedly LOST their dad. It DID matter because if I wasn’t doing the “normal” mundane things, who would? How would they live successfully as they are. And one more realization, that I got to be IN the car and BE THE CAPTIVE AUDIENCE to hear all about her days, her thrills, her ughs too, her mundane and not so mundane daily challenges over the last month when I saw her last, I got to hear them in person and provide her the space and place to share them…

I got to be there – I get to be there – where the mundane is no more mundane. I realize that God gives us this day to drive around in His Way: PRESENT.

Always let God do the driving.

Every “mundane” day as a parent is NOT. Every time I take my son driving, we choose a new road, keeps it fresh. The only same road is the road home. Every time God takes the wheel, He takes us on a road He wants to take us on, and eventually, if we stay in the car long enough, it WILL be our ride Home. So, look out the windows and be aware of the traffic, be present IN the car. Keep making those mundane trips because one day, mundane becomes a memory too. Your presence will be evidence.

Mundane no more.


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