Be Available


Saturday again, ahhhhh…

So last Saturday morning I was free, that’s what made me BE AVAILABLE to let God plan the day… free to hear stirrings of how I could help and have a good time by going with girl scouts with a friend and 2 of her daughters to a big beautiful botanical garden, giving them a ride because our troop leader’s car was full. It was God’s timing! It was such a relief to our troop leader too, not for this mom to drive in all that rain. My availability but God’s timing, I had nothing to do with this planning!

I went from feeling slightly sorry for myself (but not really, just puzzled to have free time) to being in the car in a flash, then immersed in BEAUTIFUL flowers and relaxed even in the rain.  Ah, freedom of helping, blessing of being available…

Really isn’t that what God wants us to be? BE AVAILABLE!

I took lots of pictures naturally. We even sent the set to Walgreens before driving home, picked them up an hour later at home.  Cool conveniences…

Isn’t it nice to have stuff AVAILABLE? SO, why wouldn’t God want us to be purchased to be available for Him to use too…

I was freed up to be a helper but not an organizer. Youngest child with me, a double liver transplant 4 years ago this week, she was THRILLED to be with her troop, they trotted off.  We had 90 minutes “free time” – oh the smells and warmth and views!!!! 

I saw one orchid, named Angel Candy, well all blooms seemed like that. Gorgeous!

I got home with yummy take out food and a nap. Surely we are taken care of, clothed and fed, like the intricately detailed and beautiful lillies of the field. That’s for food, clothes AND activities. 

Be Available! GOD’S got you on HIS agenda. 


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