I appreciate a $2 bargain book sitting for sale, catching my eye, just moments after the pastor spoke of being wary of charismania over charisma. I appreciate the Holy Spirit shuffles the deck of cards He deals, but ALWAYS knows which card He stacks on the TOP of the deck to hand you.

As I imagined, I’ve already appreciated more than 2 dollars worth of education and inspiration from this book by Chuck Smith, the founder of the Cavalry church movement (teaching scripture by scripture, a needed education for me, in conjunction with my blessed membership in my other churches. I like being in multiple churches for the Lord blessings connect me, and I like to follow the Holy Spirit like a vein of a fudge stripe in ice cream all the way to the solid chocolate core.)

This thin large print book is called Charisma vs. Charismania. Easy to read. Catchy title, even more catching is the movement of the Holy Spirit. This book is ALL about the Holy Spirit,  if you don’t got Him, you got nothing. The book teaches the Holy Spirit lives in Divine Works and Divine presence, and is eternal, omniscient. omnipresent, just as God is. God gives life and love because God is these things. 

Jesus said to even his most cherished disciples: WAIT FOR THE HOLY SPIRIT. Can’t get there from here, without Him. God is revealed and our knowledge of Him is truly thru the Spirit. 

This book starts by describing the TRI UNITY, meaning God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit are a triunity of a three Godhead in One. One God, all together One, a trinity of three in tri-unity. 1 plus 1 plus 1 equals One.

Charisma is good and a gift from God to have the Holy Spirit enable His work thru your hands. But charismania is mania, according to Chuck Smith, of faking the Spirit and/or using the selfish flesh to mimic the Spirit. In other words, my words, you’ve got to kick the tires on the vehicles people are driving around in the Spirit, and make sure they ARE filled with legit air. BUT as our many teachings instill in us, the Holy Spirit is not a gas, nor a dissapating vapor, but a PERSON.

Yes, this is deep, but not. The Holy Spirit will flow with ease when we stop blocking our pipes, ears, hearts. Our openness gives the Holy Spirit His desired head start.

Jesus said He had to leave so that the Holy Spirit would come. God the Father sends the Spirit just as He sent the Son.

Three, all in One. Let Him move you naturally with Charisma not mania.

Amen (and I’ll write more as I read more! A good book about the Good Book.)

Charisma vs. Charismania by Chuck Smith

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