Good Kings Rule! Travelogue


It’s more than folklore, good Kings are remembered for their goodness. 

We visited the castle of someone considered a really good king, AMAZING, my second trip but first inside the chapels. This was the first tour in memory for my young cousin. I thought so cool that he was able and eager to absorb history of his own land, and now appreciate its beauty, instead of just being a place to live. A tourist in your hometown. Yummy food and touristy village atmosphere below the castle too. Did I mention that I love being on vacation? Home was salad dinner and cake with the cousins around the kitchen table. Family is family!

This castle was not intended as a residence but as a fortress, each building a separate fortress, for preservation of the valuable relics and jewels. This king is portrayed as a preservationist and the ornate GOLD chapel a miniature homage to the New Jerusalem in precious metals,  stones,  and portraits of the saints. AMAZING. 

This good king traveled his whole reign to all the regions and strengthened the ministries. So key, that he was depicted as placing some relics, like a thorn from Jesus’s crown and a nail from His Cross, into the ornate jeweled Cross, part of the crown jewels now. There are said to be 3 relics preserved in the building, stones from the tomb, but 200 others lost, stolen, given away, like breastmilk from the virgin Mary. Yes, they may not be believable as relics in today’s reality to have been genuine, but the faith was real. The faith of the King was real as to believe if they kept good, they would be with the 144,000 saved in apocalypse Rapture return of Jesus, all on the way to the New Jerusalem. I’ve never seen before so much actual depiction of the Book of Revelation, most don’t teach it, these chapels depict it in painted wall murals.  WOW. The 4 horsemen to the earthquakes to angels… 

They kept this castle protected by taking all the trees down and able to visualize anyone trying to invade, worked well until 1600s and one army got all the way to but not in the main structure. They had stockpiled food, were under siege for 7 months, but prevailed. The wood bridge was purposefully burned to keep the invaders away. We walked the reconstructed bridge inside, first a cold basement used for food storage in the seige, otherwise used as a prison. Then up to the Holy Chapel. AMAZING. 

My scripture readings of Kings went from good king Hezekiah to bad king Manasseh, his son, (He did evil in the eyes of the Lord, following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites.) Bad kings ARE bad, leading people astray. Good kings lead people to worship. The best and ONLY King we need to worship is Jesus, who did it ALL. Nothing we can do, nor any earthly king, can take away what Jesus already did for us to save us. 

I am certain from walking around these castles and cathedrals (a confirmation of my feelings from last time) that God in the Holy Spirit indwells in the people not the buildings or relics, not in the Gold or money, but in the Spirit. The amazing things He has created are of Him, and Good, the people are Very Good. The people are whom He will save (not “good” people, but sinners who believe, saved by Grace).

One note in the gold chapel, with gemstones hanging representing the jewel stone types in the New Jerusalem, there are depictions of the sun and moon, but I know from the book of Revelation that those will pass away. I found one tourist, who was near the end of my English-narrated tour, to whom I could mention in Spirit and Truth that God Himself with Jesus will be ALL the LIGHT in the New Jerusalem.  All Light, no night. Now that’s a GOOD King!

Jesus is our KING!


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