I’m With the Band – Travelogue


There is no denying that I don’t look like my mom’s side of the family – as I don a bucket hat and slather sunblock on my freckles (from my dad’s side) for each day of sightseeing.  But we all mix and express gene-pools differently anyway – but in love we fit in.

My relatives are HARD WORKING! And they are loving and my great joy is to cause opportunities for get togethers and reminiscing and fun. Sunday morning was a MUCH needed late sleep-in before we packed to leave. Then breakfast pie, lunch (a traditional meal, yum!), and after travel 20 minutes we arrived to see cousins in another branch, for second lunch – grandma and mom, with kids my kid’s age – english speaking These are connections for future trips (both to and fro).

I pulled out the old photo album scans and family trees (going back to the 1700s) in front of all these young and eager cousins and watched their eyes pop! I watched them all connect their Instagram accounts to each other (FYI -Facebook is for the older generation, LOL)…

So cousins in these distinct branches are not knowing each other but living only 20 minutes apart and now are realizing how close they really are. That is something the Grandma’s knew and something for us to rekindle. They thanked me for connecting, but I said: “that’s just my job!” – yes it is… See, I think that I am both appreciative of these connections here on earth (love the hugs) and I am getting a jump start for Heaven where I pray my great-grandparents will introduce themselves to me and me to their great great great grand-familes… we are all connected back to Noah if we know-a it or not…

It was now time to leave these country cousins – car to metro to hotel… My cousins sat in the back of the reception room but I both wanted to check in American style, but personally since that’s me, as well as explain I am local connected too! “I’m WITH the band!” a roadie or groupie might say at a backstage of a concert. 

We all marveled at the closeness to the action, and beautiful CLEAN room. It was booked online and I mentioned that it was suggested by my cousin who really IS in the band, my cousin is the guitar player on the weekends for bringing patrons into the restaurant.

“I’m with the band” – but I am not saying I got better treatment because of it, because we all get great treatment here. My room however had only one set of stairs to climb, and a best view of the action,  and view of the quiet mornings. And no worries, the double windows make it super insulated quiet or open to be part of the scene but home… fun!

I will miss my family,  like I already do, on both sides of the pond. Gratefully we fly now rather than swim!!! Family creates the connecting bands of our heartstrings – I am thrilled to say both “I’m WITH the Band” – with Love – I’m IN the band!

We walked before bed to the town square attractions. The crowd CHEERS for the shows, not elaborate but it’s old and cool and a shared experience. We love connections! We sense connections!!!

My scripture connections…  recounting family histories is from 1Chronicles, the Lord traces names from Noah forward – roots of the family tree that bore Jesus in the flesh into the world. There were MANY family branch lines of kings of Jerusalem and Judah before and after exile. It starts with names we recognize then not so much, but bits and pieces of stories are shared again and ! In this scripture is the line to David, from the lines of Judah (son of Jacob, Isreal), where Jesus traced His earthly birth, it’s the people not the place, as they moved and moved and moved. Jesus too with Joseph and Mary moved and moved, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Egypt, the Sea of Galilee – moved so much the uninformed people said: how can you be Messiah?… You didn’t follow the predicted lineage! But Jesus did! His birth IN the lineage and Jesus also IS the lineage as the Word. You can take God out from Heaven but you can’t take Heaven out from God. 

Jesus IS with the BAND!



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