No Toast, Love Most


Father, Son and Holy Ghost 

  Believe, otherwise your soul may toast.


Sometimes we are snide, 

   Showing hidden human pride.

We might guffaw,

   Humans have that kind of flaw.

Let’s NOT be a ‘know it all’,

   They say pride comes before a fall.


Don’t be a mimic,

   Don’t fall for every gimmick.

What can make you smart?

   Certainly not your heart.

Remember who DOES reign, 

   You’ve got to give Him your brain.


Don’t grumble, 

   Be humble. 


Who is Lord of all?

   Who’s All Knowing of big and small?

God the Father, God the Son, and Holy Spirit, Three in One.

   In Them our lives have RE-BEGUN.


Remember Who you serve,

   Follow Jesus, do not swerve.

Listen to what you’ve heard,

  Jesus IS the Scriptural Word.

It really does mean a lot,

   to follow Him nonstop.

You will not regret.

  To Jesus you are His “Get”.


God will find you,

   Let Wisdom remind you. 

Father, Son and Holy Ghost,

  You ARE whom they LOVE the MOST. 



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