GOD WITH US, 11DEC2015 – #314



I awoke from a car nap (usually I am driving but I needed a break)… A ten minute nap, Subaru-style… I awoke to see 3 faint stars, I focused on the most faint… Wow, I realized instantly it was the Pleiades… Wow, how does that happen??? That’s my Subaru logo, It’s a special constellation I write about all the time… It’s visible only as six stars (although there are hundreds)… I sometimes feel to be the seventh of the mythical seven sisters that the stars are associated with…. Yeah God? So how DOES that happen that I wake up and YOU logistically have me perfectly zero-ed in on the faint tiniest but BEST set of stars??

It’s God with us… Yup… It’s us attributing life’s little gifts that make us smile to God because all good things come from God…

God’s best gift? Emmanuel…. JESUS!!!

I was singing “Emmanuel” in a Christmas song yesterday and thinking, “Umm, I don’t remember the right translation for Emmanuel….oops!! God knows I am not perfect… I googled it, of course…  OH YEAH, Emmanuel means “GOD WITH US”…  We know God sent Jesus to us because He loves us – but why? God sent Jesus to be human while still being God – to live, die, and rise – to forgive our sins – and give us eternal life with God… Plus, Jesus had to leave to let the Holy Spirit come as “Another” part of God… It’s logistically amazing how Jesus got here… to be with ALL of us… We are made by the stardust materials made by God, so it makes sense that it is Jesus holding us together when we feel content or upset… God with us… God with us gives a more content feeling than the content feeling of sipping a cup of tea with a friend like I had today, more content than the peace that I had sitting and absorbing praise band music last night, more content than waking up from a Subaru- nap… Jesus IN us, Jesus WITH us….. Yes, ETERNAL contentment…

I wondered, while watching the Pleiades, about Jesus coming to forgive our sins… I ask forgiveness for mine, but I wondered how do we atone (how do I atone) for sins that we DON’T EVEN KNOW we committed or when were just sinfully complacent??? God often answers me with a shooting star (dozens this year)… so yeah, a nice short steak I saw just now was certainly appreciated, God…. It’s God with us… I know we can’t atone what we don’t remember, but who can? JESUS… That’s why God IS with us, that’s Emmanuel, that’s Jesus coming, living, dying on a star-shaped cross, then rising to atone us ALL, It’s God’s logistics… Amazing huh? But perfectly logical for God… God knows our sins and forgives even what we can’t forgive in ourselves.

The fire of a shooting star burns out, but it’s really the fire of God we want to look for… to sustain us… THAT fire burns eternal because of where we keep it, where we stoke it…. THAT FIRE IS IN OUR HEARTS…

My son recently noticed the stars too, when we were outside the city lights – they were intensely bright and numerous. I told him about that shooting star, and he asked if I made a wish… I didn’t, but I will now – AND I will tell my wish to you… I wish for you and everyone to follow their God-given star to find Jesus for forgiveness, for contentment, for eternal life. But may I suggest to all that they DON’T just look up to the skies for that one star, like the Wiseman did, because it’s not there… THAT star you won’t see by looking up, but instead you will see the star when you LOOK IN… God’s logistics put those bright stars INSIDE our hearts… Look for Jesus there, internally, you will find HIM, you can feed him, you will feel HIM grow, and you will want to share HIM – always!

If you can’t see or feel the fire yet, or if it needs re-stoking in your heart, then my wish is for you to walk by faith not just by star-sight… Read of God’s wishes in scripture,… I wish for you to seek others who shine their Jesus lights openly…. Open your hearts and “release your guilt and breathe”…  Sharing Jesus with others lets oxygen into your own fire…

Jesus is the promised Emmanuel…..
God IS with us….



emman 314

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