A Very MERRY Subaru CHRISTMAS, 14DEC – #315




I’m so pleased that as a result of being too cheap to get my windshield gasket replaced that I have created a great platform for my craftiness… I am NOT an artist but I’m definitely a hot glue gun crafter… so I thought of this decoration instantly for Christmas… A foam nativity plus three dollar store wreaths of leaves and flowers that I cut up…  a Subaru nativity scene…

I cannot be more pleased as I am this year to display baby Jesus on the outside of my car – because He came to me on the inside of my car!!! He took the driver’s seat and drove me to salvation. My car remains an important tabernacle to me, but it’s just a tool, it’s just a car, but I love it….

I kept losing the baby Jesus’s from multiple foam craft nativity scenes over the years…. they would just disappear then just show up in random places… one even stuck to my arm while I was sleeping… and so I even had to craft new babies to make those sets complete…  and of course, because I am a thinkerer, I contemplate “WHY?” why that happened… Yes, I see where my faith WAS and where it is NOW…  those little baby Jesus’s kept trying to sneak in to my heart but I had my brain firmly against it… it’s not lost on me that others are like that too, all year round they lose that little baby Jesus’s meaning… So, when my brain opened and my Christmas Flood (dec17writing) occurred,  no hot glue gun was needed to make Jesus stick… And he remains there because Jesus is the glue that keeps me whole….

Eternally stronger then the hot glued foam baby on my car racing down the highway at 73.5 miles an hour (I mean 65) this real divine baby Jesus will stick with me – in my heart – forever. I will keep him in my heart and have Christmas everyday…. Last year I wanted to be Mary, now this Christmas I AM – I’m here – stronger than ever – more at peace then ever – and ever more ready to face the world’s new challenges in the new year with now grown-up Jesus holding me up by my heart and by my hand.

One last decoration for my car will be to string the lights on the roof, yup, I borrowed a special converter box for the car lighter – not only for the glue gun, but for these lights…. It takes a special converter for displaying God’s LOVE too….that converter is called Jesus – Emmanuel – God with us…  Yes, God sent the biggest and brightest star of all when HE gave us Jesus…and HE IS FREE!!!  But WE need to choose to PLUG HIM IN… Unplug the security barriers, and insead plug Jesus into our hearts, only then will HIS LIGHT shine most brightly thru us.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to and from God’s Subaru… Subaru means “to unite”…

Praying that JESUS ALWAYS shines HIS LIGHT through our hearts, our words, our eyes and our smiles!


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