Reflect In the Whisper, 01FEB – #1062



Sunday, yesterday, I went to the 911 Garden of Reflection, knowing the high probability of all being snowed in today Monday FEB 1st, my 6th anniversary of knowing that I was 100% believing in Jesus, February 1st 2015… The same place I visited on that day I knew… I reflected that the Lord had changed me forever over the course of 2 intense months writing, praying, awakening (see writings 1-50, 1000 writings ago).

You could say that IT IS MORE IMPORTANT that I LIVE IN THE PRESENT, but I like to REFLECT on where the Lord has taken me. Reflecting is not looking back as much as looking at the trajectory the Lord has taken me on. Six years, huh? A lifetime with His lifeline…

But I didn’t feel major tears or grand moments at the park, like previous years… it started to snow and my reflection at the word “reflection” made me realize that if you look at any light or object beam as it enters a pool of water, when the pool is calm, it will appear back as a clear beam of REFLECTION. An inflection reflection. A reflection out from what goes in. We are to reflect the Light of the Lord, and if the water is calm, all the better the picture we have of Him beaming in. This is NOT novel an idea, but if I think of the calm nature of a pool as a calming of my seas, I think about His peace, and how these 6 years have passed Him thru me for me, to be more into peace. I have to believe that I am much more calm but I HOPEFULLY am not any less ON FIRE. (And yet, you know that we ALWAYS could become MORE ON FIRE.)  It’s the PEACE of the Lord in our souls that allows us to see Him more clearly AND reflect and beam Him more clearly. The fire intensity will send the beam as far as the Lord takes it. 

My beam angle/direction has changed, the direction has pivoted, but my reflection has stayed strong. It is normal how many reborn people mature, their beam will change in angle, but they are to NOT cloud their view of Him. Our work for the Kingdom often changes direction. Mine includes still writing, but the VBS years, Sunday school years, UMW years and praise band years were angled in my past and they are not my current beams. I will re-beam some of those at some point, I will plan new tracks but TODAY I will be ok to beam just in the angle in which the Lord has me positioned, and beam strong.  And there will be new directions. Pray I hear Him just as clear as He urged Peter: “… Do you love me? Feed my sheep. Strengthen the others”

In looking at the statue I-beam of the Trade Center, placed as a rememberance. Is it angled into the ground or out of the ground? Interesting thought of perspective. Both or neither, or who knows.  Different thought: if the Lord is Light into and onto our path and the Lord DOES NOT CHANGE, then it doesn’t matter if His light is going into you or out from you, it doesn’t matter the angle, it is STILL from Him. Lighting your path to Him or with Him or service outwardly from Him, in one beam angle or another, it’s still a guidance with the same Spirit. He’s working ALL angles. And our reflection of Him should hold as true to Him as possible. 

Before I left the garden, not with grandiose instructions or inspiration, I caught the sight of a bird, a ROBIN, in my view. It’s a snowstorm, it’s January, it’s winter, it’s an early sign of spring? Sure these birds travel less these warm years, not a surprise in my eyes but a prize view to my heart, this bird, me, we are taken care of. Is this bird hungry? What can I feed it? Is that the message in a whisper? I think so. Be still the active bird, taken care of and giving hope, like a robin, for others. I will always look forward to the spring but enjoy the present. I will hope, to see and share paths moving forward in serving Him, and I in the present am alive to serve. The bird, taken care of helps me look to the spring, forward. How could it not be a message that sharing HOPE to those who need it is CRUCIAL, especially this winter. Sharing HOPE still is the future direction the Lord is taking me, taking all of us: HOPE COMES VIA HIS WAY…It’s winter, turn your fire of the heart up.

Yes, HE IS A GOD WHO WHISPERS so that we PAY ATTENTION… Look, lean in to hear Him.

Yes, HE IS A GOD WHO WHISPERS, not screams, so that your peace stays intact, and your reflection pool is calm, and your vision of Him, as well as reflection of Him, stays most CLEAR. Look, lean in to see Him.

Reflect IN the Whisper.

God WILL take care of me/us. 

God needs me/us to give others hope. 

God encourages a true and clear reflection of Him.

God knows we need to go strengthen the others.

Feed My sheep. 

Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep… Then he said, “Follow me!”


I whisper amen…

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