You Noah, 02FEB – #1063


You Noah, 02FEB

(Best first spoken to get the rhyme “you knowwa”)

You Noah you are goingna have to WAIT. 

You Noah there’s a big snowstorm out there.

You Noah this snow represents anything you are excited about but takes forever to get here.

You Noah this snow represents anything you dread but can not change. 

You Noah this snow represents anything you have to WAIT OUT.

You Noah it’s all in your attitude. 

You Noah it’s not done snowing. 

You Noah it was coming. 

You Noah it would take a while. 

You Noah that you had to prepare. 

You Noah that you would be stuck in the house. 

You Noah you really could get out but shouldn’t. 

You Noah it’s ONLY snow. 

You Noah you were safe at home.

You Noah you are not supposed to be bored but be blessed. 

You Noah it is weird to be stuck.

You Noah it was a LONG storm. 

You Noah you just had to sit it out.

You Noah that someday it will thaw.

You Noah this too shall pass.

You Noah you used to be more excited about the snow. 

You Noah that you’ve a long way to go. 

You Noah time will pass.

You Noah that God’s got this. 

You Noah you will just be alright 

You Noah, just sit tight.

Noah, be alright. 


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