Criss-Cross Your Bible Branches – #1072


YEAH, I am going to enjoy this new Zoom Bible study – there are 4 of us ladies, 3 from the west coast and me on the east… it is nice to be just a few of us so we don’t talk over each other, LOL…

The book “Be Mature” is about the scriptures in James and how James (Jesus’ brother) is teaching spiritual maturity. We are doing one chapter per week – pre-reading and then sharing the reading during the session. But how did I connect with another church a coast away? I got on a mailing list, well they invited anyone to a zoom bible study for the book of James and I happened to have been reading the book of James when that email came thru…. God does not make mistakes, and God can cross the country, why not??!!!…

The moderator explained that she too attends/is affiliated with multiple churches and wanted to put that out there in case people were confused or taken aback. I chuckled as I feel SO BLESSED to be “attending” 2, and catching up with a couple more services later in the week… yeah, God is Criss-Crossing us all in a stronger support network… Let the Lord strengthen and enrich the network of His net! Spiritual maturity means we eat solid foods rather than just spiritual milk, therefore why wouldn’t the church become a hardy strong intertwine of strong branches, and not just sapling trees all competing for the light… the weaving of a basket, enriching the net, vining the garden to bear fruit, making a stronger ONE church…    Cool…

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