Jesus – our Hero


Took an older post, very early post, and made it into a rhyme…posted on my other blog site where I am revamping the earliest posts from 6 years ago – I promised the Lord and myself that I would do this – finally starting again!


Snow, real and deep, is not a show.

Sound-dampening air-pocket filled piles of big beautiful fluffy flakes covering the muddy-ucky ground – preventing hustle and bustle – World Peace mimicked just from SNOW.

Snow = no driving, no school, no work, no fuss, the world takes a rest, you know.

World peace is a wish. Perhaps you might hear God say “Be Still and Know”.

Perhaps you might remember that God makes the SNOW.

Accepting Jesus – He is always wanting us to GROW.

But like waiting for snow, you have to wait until God tells you so.

I thought I would wait years but instead God said “Come-on, GO!”

Naaman not only dipped himself into the river – he had to get out of his own way – he had to 100% completely LET GO.

Allowing God to baptize him – and us – we have to BELIEVE 100% – to become purer than Ivory SNOW.

We have to share our stories – it is incremental – sometimes it feels fast and sometimes deliberately SLOW.

I had a dream of Jesus – asking me to drink from His cup – oh those many years AGO.

And now – I just so appreciate that He is in me and I just want Him to FLOW.

Christianity is a journey – ongoing – forever a trek – no promises for easy walks – sometimes high and sometimes LOW.

Follow Jesus – He is the Way – He is the ultimate in promises fulfilled – He IS our RAINBOW.

Jesus, You ARE our rescue HERO.

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