Enforcer-er Reinforcer-er, 19JAN – #1373


I was awakened and asked God for a Word, He boldly said BE STILL. 

I am His over-thinker-er, He is STILL our Enforcer-er and Reinforcer-er. 

I said Alexa, what time is it? She said no internet. I asked God what time is it. God said NOW.

I am His over-planner-er, He is our Present-time-er.

I arose to morning stirring, asking me to join in, my child, cat, dishes and laundry. I am His and my house-keeper-er. He is our Provider-er.

I sat to write, re-shut the lights off. I am His thinker-er, harvester-er. He is our Peace-giver-er. He is our Vine-dresser-er.

I stood to see, lights not created by me. A SUNRISE SO SPECTACULAR, A MUST TO SEE. It’s like He wanted to share just this 5 minutes with me – so just some of us would STOP to SEE. He IS the Creator-er of all Good. What He gives comes at His cost but to us FREE.

This NEW DAY. His Open Page Writer-er RAVES.

Beginner-er. Completer-er. 

Alpha and Omega.

Enforcer-er and Reinforcer-er

Amen Forever-er


You, Thee, We.

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