My 2 cents

My 2 cents – on a check it is not worth that – for 2 cents it costs dollars to send, cash, reconcile, and laugh about.

My 2 cents – in speech – can stop a conversation – can draw a line – can cut to the chase.

My 2 cents – in opinion – doesn’t cost much to give. Can be taken or forgotten.

My 2 cents – in mail – as in a 2 cent stamp – is paid for by me – at my expense no one else’s.

His 2 cents

His 2 cents is His – not mine.

His 2 cents is at His expense – His ransom for our souls.

His 2 cents – not laughable but joy-giving – should NEVER be forgotten.

His 2 cents – is sent DIRECTLY to you – not for anyone else – He is reaching for YOU.

I asked the Lord today – “For whom am I writing?” He said soundly boldly quickly without hesitation: “YOU“.

YOU = me = You. I write Lord, for You, because You ask me to write. I write Lord for You because to You all praise is due. I write Lord for me because I need to express what love seeps out of my seams. I write Lord for me because You give me the Spirit to say: I LOVE YOU.

LORD, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the Lord’s 2 cents is Immediate, Direct and Advice only for YOU, know that He, the Lord, paid it all ahead of time – JUST to say I LOVE YOU.



Lord, Love IS You.


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