Christmas Giveaway!


You see a lot of signs these days that say “Keep Christ in Christmas”…

I think I would prefer a sign that instead said: “Give Christ for Christmas“. Yeah, that’s the sentiment I like!

It is a Christmas GIVEAWAY!

When we GIVE Christ, it means we are giving to others the BEST of us…

When we share Christmas, and share Christ, this means we are not keeping Christ for ourselves for our own salvation but we want to share HIM to help God’s action plan…

When we GIVE CHRIST at Christmas, we are saying that we are believing God wants to be with ALL of us.

He does…


SO spend less time griping about what is taken away

and instead be praising what is given today.

Christ the Lord is Christmas’s Giveaway.

Salvation is the preferred Way.

Christmas is our blessing to say:

We wish you a Merry Christmas, everyday!


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