Accept THIS Gift…


I appreciate this special gift of this 3D printed night light with switch from a work friend, appreciate this gift for many reasons. It illuminates nicely and then you can see the details. It’s a cool use of 3D technology, decorative, even if not a glamorous world-changing use to print machine parts etc. The gift of work holiday parties was also awesome this week for getting me in the mood of being APPRECIATIVE this season. Other than that, I’ve got miles to go for Christmas. But I’ll get there. Lord willing.   (At least the village is set.)There’s Christmas gifts, Christmas readiness, Christmas overload and never enough time. A working mom has to make the money, find time to spend the money (whew that hour on my phone Saturday shopping Amazingzon paid off), get sleep  enough to wrap everything, and to create the desired ambiance and result Christmas morning – all with the stress of: will they like it? Will they have years from now complaining first world problems of not getting the best legos, the latest trends, and that classic girl complaint of “why did he get games and I got lotions shampoos frilly girl things (oh that’s MY 1st world complaint)…sorry… I’m just as human in my expectations at Christmas and always…. human in the need of DIVINE intervention… something needs to change in me…


The Christmas Gift we should personally ask for is a FRESH FILLING of the Holy Spirit. Accept this Gift, over and over. It’s like this 3D printed night light, someONE needs to turn on the Light switch in us so that we can be internally back-illuminated by Jesus’s Light. Be filled with His Purposes and Shine Him through! 

And forever freshly we need Jesus again and again to illuminate our actions to detail the fruits of the Spirit brought to the surface… Fruit to help others in LIFE and Fruit of feeling blessed. The Fruit of the Spirit is Love, Joy, Peace, Forbearance, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control.


Now because SO many ask me “are you ready for Christmas?” I can mentally answer “that’s COMPLICATED”. But my best self-controlled non-whining response would be “I will be… Lord Willing…”.

I love Jesus lighting the Way from WITHIN. That’s the Light we need.

We NEED the Holy Spirit to follow a star to where we MENTALLY need to be. We NEED to come to see and celebrate Jesus as the Gift.

SHINE the Spirit within you. Lord, turn on Your Light! Jesus come quickly. 


Merry Christmas for God IS with us.

Amen Amen 

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