Loophole, 12Feb – #360


loophole 360.PNG360

Loophole, 12Feb

I didn’t get to the big 911 Memorial on February 1st like I want to, but near the Amish market, a local fire company has a beautiful 911 Memorial… Tonight I decided to stop and there were beautiful snowflake kisses falling from the sky… I held on to the recreated lighted towers and also held onto a piece of a tower’s twisted steel and I prayed, I truly felt a surge of energy from those blue lighted towers…

In the plaques I noticed the AGES for the fallen firemen, police, and Port Authority officers… nearly all these ages were my age or younger… So many people not even made it to their prime… Wow this made me the most sad to know these lives were lost so young… I know they served so bravely and did so much in their short time on earth…

God bless their souls…

And I pray that God took all 3000 up into heaven, no questions asked… I KNOW it doesn’t work that way but I prayed anyway that God found a loophole for the non-believers too, convinced them last minute, and let them in…

Maybe, just maybe…

Loophole please Lord…

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