Best Father Mulcahy Sermon on Mash


At the 3 minute mark of this video clip, after Father Mulcahy stayed up all night with a patient who just learned he had leukemia, made him late in an opportunity to impress the visiting cardinal, which of course is NOT what the Lord needs us to do… This IS the best MASH sermon… God got on TV…  Father Mulcahy said: “…God put us here so He could be here Himself, so He could exist in the lives of those He created in His image.” (really a great episode to watch in it’s entirety).

Yes God put us here to love us and to be here WITH US, to show sacrifice, love over loss, devotion to the depth of death…

Yes He did… I saw it on TV, but my tears knew it as truth… He IS here to be with us.

“…so He could exist in the lives of those He created…”


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