Smelling God…


There is nothing like a crisp winter-ish morning in late fall, it reminds you that you are ALIVE. CRISP, but and CLEAR… Bless every cold blessedness.



It’s 20 degrees something, and you can smell AWARENESS, feel STILLNESS, and accept REALNESS… and know BLESSEDNESS!

I stepped out and it was like: SMELLED the GOODNESS of GOD.  Awareness awakened, I can KNOW how God blesses us, blessed me, and watches each step.

Of course it’s better walking with a real good winter coat! It’s better good with a place to be warm to go back to, and super good with realizing all the other thankfulnesses of a free morning. For me this day (a Saturday), it “hit me” in cold crispness stepping out in pitch black with super highlighted BRIGHTNESS of the stars and the moon, and remembering years ago in my awakening when the BRILLIANCE of the stars heightened my awareness of God directly… I know God was reminding me. It’s smelling God, because unlike “I smell a rat”, it’s like: “I smell a goodness, strength, and total control of the world AND the Heavens”. I smell God…

Nehemiah and Ezra were writing about their ancestors, Moses to David to Jehoshaphat and with advice up to “modern times”, around 400 years before Jesus, to INSPIRE the people to LISTEN and OBEY GOD. Isn’t it cool that the SAME moon, same stars, same crisp mornings welcomed Jesus, welcomed Moses, welcomed all God believers and non-believers alike. If you can smell God’s influence in your AWARENESS and HIS HAND in this AWESOMENESS, count your blessings that He put you in this day, this moment, these times. And since the multitudes of Heaven worship God, we should too.

Blessed be your glorious NAME, and may it be EXALTED above all BLESSING and PRAISE. YOU ALONE are the LORD. You made the HEAVENS, even the highest HEAVENS, and all their STARY HOST, the EARTH and ALL that is on it, the SEAS and ALL that is in them. You give LIFE to EVERYTHING, and the MULTITUDES of HEAVEN WORSHIP YOU. Nehemiah 9:5-6

Amen and Thank You Lord God for THIS day.


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