Deal with Yourself, – #104



Deal with Yourself

After the best refreshing pain-free straight 5.5 hrs sleep, I woke up to Saturn in the sky over my shoulder and a clear viewing of some hooked constellation…unknown to me… when I pulled out the Google sky map app, I found out it was Scorpio… THAT’S ME! COOL!… I never saw it (well never noticed it) before…my zodiac sign… cool…

I find this sight as another affirmation that you yourself need to learn how to deal with yourself... that you should know HOW you deal with yourself better than anyone since you have been doing it your whole life… That was sage advice another friend gave me last Thursday…a rough day when I was overwhelmed with self…

After a brief awake time, I played some total awesome drift away music…got some extra sleep… only to wake up to the haunting “veneno para las hadas”, lyric: “When you’re young you’re sleeping” mmmm… good album – good lyric to wake up to – it IS good to wake up after sleeping…

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