Happy Halfway to Christmas, 25JUN – #199


Happy Halfway to Christmas, 25JUN

Why am I excited for Christmas? It’s because everyday is Christmas this year… My poinsettia is still red…

How awesome is it that Christmas and Easter are renewed in the calendar and hopefully in our hearts every year… Yeah it’s awesome!

But why do I get Christmas all year this year? Why do I not force myself away from this christmas merry go round, which certainly I also chose? Why do I allow this mental state? Why do I feed myself and mediate on God at a level I would previously said was overkill? And I’m sure others would say even now is overkill!
So I don’t know if God has caused this or I have caused this continuation of willingly focusing on God

I don’t know the answer to this I don’t know why I’m feeling Christmas just as much as I don’t know why I got here when I did.

What I am truly sure of is that I am really enjoying it. It’s a mental drifting away state… I try to focus on things and I am still getting my work done in life itrs just my life work is changing.

I am sure it’s because God wants me to be firmly rooted, and is giving me at least a whole year, I am being allowed and also allowing myself to grow. In the moment it feels such a long year but I know in hindsight it will seem so quick many years from now. And I know it won’t be done in a year but for at least this year I’m indulging myself in the pleasures of God… thank you God for supporting that.

Here’s a new-to-me song – good for a half Christmas

I Will Delight (In the Law of the Lord)
Words and Music by Walt Hurrah and John A. Schreiner

I will delight in the law of the Lord
I will meditate day and night
Then, like a tree firmly planted,
I’ll be rounded in Your Word

Blessed is the one
Who follows the way of the Lord
Blessed is the one

Oh, so satisfied

199 pointsettia

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