Change Your Attitude – Fire and Brimstone vs LOVE…, 26JUN – #200 **


Sometimes it does worry me a bit – but mostly I think God is comforting me – by throwing songs my way at the right times… because when I was posting this essay (written last month) about changes I was listening “randomly” to YES – and their song “CHANGES” was playing… fitting duplication…

Change Your Attitude – Fire and Brimstone vs LOVE…, 26JUN
I have always known that this notion is important and the email below speaks to how Jesus is about repentance, believing, and being forgiven – not about threats of hellfire.

Fire and Brimstone vs LOVE…

I wish people in distress could count God’s blessings more, I wish they could open their eyes, and cut back their own thorns… wouldn’t that be nice if everyone did… If we find grief with situations and people, it is my opinion that we are meant to learn something about ourselves in that situation… And then we can learn to change our attitude… at least we could try… And this is because we likely have no control over the other person/situation… What we can control is us, just us. My favorite piece of advice on one of my roughest days was “if the pain is in you, well you know exactly how to deal with yourself, right? You’ve lived with yourself for 45 yrs… so just deal with it.” Yup…. That advice worked wonders that day…

I really ignored Satan before, but now I see him… I usually see him coming a mile away… Knowing the right and wrong way within your brain makes ALL the difference, and I often can get over my grief situations by acknowledging that I put myself up for a fall…. And the doubt that creeps in when you know you have done something in good faith, that’s Satan eating at you for breakfast…. Don’t forget to engage your brain when you feel your heart guard is down…

By obeying God, Satan’s legs get knocked out, he crumbles and slithers away for another day…

Whenever you exercise and build strength physically you can withstand falls and health threats. So whenever you exercise your faith – even flash your smile when you feel Jesus holding you up – then you can withstand the storms. Exercising by running towards Jesus, and retaking your body and soul as a temple, your tabernacle, well that’s doubly good…

Grace begets brave living… And brave loving…

> ———- Forwarded message ———-
> From: “Jesus-Centered Life” <>
> Date: Jun 26,
> Subject: Your Jesus-Centered Daily
>> The early church presents the Jesus-following life as uncomplicated (repent, believe, and be forgiven), with no complex atonement theories (we killed Christ, but God raised him up), and zero threats of hellfire as motivation (because the gospel is less about running away from something and more about running toward someone).
>> — Bruxy Cavey


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