Thanksgiving Grace, 19NOV – #300



Thanksgiving Grace, 19NOV

I missed seeing my homeless friend Mike, he went somewhere else for a couple weeks but I guess it didn’t work out and so he is back at his original spot. I was pleased that perhaps he found a good spot for the winter to stay warm but I also missed him, of course you also would enjoy rolling down your window to hear “Good morning, Gorgeous, how’s things?”

Well I was happy to see him yesterday… talked to him for a second until the red light changed… “Good morning gorgeous” he said and asked how I was doing and how my family was doing and I said please pray for my family and he made the sign of a cross… I did too… it was a instant way to share in caring prayer, a silent prayer that was oh so meaningful… there’s a Bible story about the Widow’s Mite and giving everything she could to help… Mike didn’t have much but he shares the most important thing… a fun personality, a love of life, encouragement, and a smile… and today a shared prayer – his purpose is to uplift the world just be being himself. Those attributes are worth more than any gold or diamonds….

WE think of the homeless population far off and tucked away…. Mike’s stuff is semi-hidden, tucked away.. I saw the edge of a tarp from my car when I went to dump my paper recycling at a church next door, so I slipped over for a photo just cuz he wasn’t there… but I thought I’d like to share with you how the other half lives.

Sunny disposition was graced on him… he appreciates what he does have not what he doesn’t. And oh how the people have been donating and donating all this stuff that you see. I appreciate that he has a suit hung up in a tree. he knows how to take care of his stuff it’s just a little bit unorganized but then again so is my car!!! You would totally believe that I lived in my car!!!

So it is a travesty in America that we have not figured out how to help ALL the homeless… granted many of them DON’T want to go into the system, they don’t want to be constrained, they want their freedom… and honestly, in this area, they can live day today out in the open because we DO have good weather here. They can experience freedom even if they don’t know where their food will come from.

So, this Thanksgiving week I’m thinking about all those who are out in the open… and perhaps their purpose is to keep reminding US of our graced lives. This year the hoopla has been on not taking in refugees and about red cups without the right symbols… Wake up people, life us but about people fighting over these topics, but about honestly just getting down to business, taking care of what needs to be taken care of, and giving thanks…

Think globally, act locally… reach out and figure out what we can do… if nothing else, people like Mike remind others to stay thankful, to smile. It’s important to keep important issues out in the open, in the light.

So I give thanks this thanksgiving week for Mike. I give thanks for the true treasures of life – the priceless time I have, and the abundance of grace that we ALL have received.mike 300

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