My Soul My Soul Must Sing, 17Dec – #319



My Soul My Soul Must Sing, 17Dec

Worship is such a personal thing, worship with song is even more personal… Only God knows how HIS love touches our souls.

In all worship, Holy Spirit movings are taking place, but it’s how the receiver person tunes that in that changes. And not everyone is on the same wavelength…

Gregorian chanting probably was best understood by those chanting it, but who knows… So what did the probable peasant workers, helping the monks, think about it when they heard it?… Did they understand it? Did they get to talk to the monks who wrote it, and hear the monks salvation stories? probably not..  When they were hearing it, perhaps some found the pulsating repetitive incantations enchanting and moving but some likely did not… Like I said, worship is a personal thing based on what you’re thinking about… God calls us individually in His Own Special Way…

JUST as I stood on Easter Sunday, portraying the resurrected Jarius’ daughter, not many in the crowd knew my story was EXACTLY that story… Jesus took my hand and said “she is simply sleeping, arise!” and I awoke in salvation grace, I felt the hand of Jesus then and I still grab it today, I am ready to be a child of God forever…

This Christmas I will get to read Mary’s part, how awesome is that!!! I pray the HOLY SPIRIT to use me in worship there and everywhere to witness new life IN Christ… and everyday I worship everywhere… I have to, I have SO MUCH of God’s work to do, so I make sure I spiritually feed myself purposefully while praising my realization of His promised Son.

ONLY God knows our hearts and ONLY God can wake us up, we worship to payback the favor, we worship to witness, we worship to rest in Jesus’s arms while we recharge our strength, and we worship to lift others… God’s primary goal is to get us to increase HIS kingdom.

“My Soul My Soul Must Sing”, the lyrics of “Beautiful One” strikes my chord… The intense strumming of the praise band? I understand that deep in my soul, I know the loudness is not for everyone, but I feel it as worship because my soul my soul MUST sing. The lyrics call to me and the band’s intensity matches the explosion of God in my head this year…

Last night after our fitness workout at church, I snuck over to absorb the worship at the praise band’s practice night – this was a treat for me to pause in praise, even if stealthily, with a fellowship of believers. A quick mid-week recharge, time I barely have to spare but time I allow myself respite as an offering of thanks before I am again scooting off to life’s many duties… A moment of praise not in an actual worship service but just as powerful, because I am outside and able to sing really loudly and bee-bop dance without a congregation watching… My car praise is the same way, LOUD… Like I said, God explosions in my head come with music to match…. and I understand the worship from those in the band, is it a different kind of Gregorian Chant and I am a peasant worker appreciating it – I am appreciating that worship is amplified by the collective spirit… If a drummer boy’s humble offerings were amplified by his desire to please a baby Jesus, so are mine. His soul sung with rhythm, he felt every beat – so do I.

“My Soul My Soul Must Sing…”  Worship to me is NOT JUST corporate worship… But everyday thanking Jesus for my second chance to live now and my knowing that living forever is forever being able to witness… “It’s not a great hardship”, as an imagined Easter play would have Jarius’ daughter say, “worship is a way of life”…

“I must give my life to the one who had given it back to me. I have to surrender my desires and follow his teachings instead. It’s not been a terrible sacrifice. After all, if not for Him, I would have no life to give.” 

Thanks God, that I get to help others count their blessings… I feel that facilitating worship in others is God’s plan for me… It is not a great hardship… 

Merry Christmas God, and Happy Easter too!

jurius 318

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