Phases, 07JAN – #331


phases 331331

Phases, 07JAN

Phases – life has phases…

Faces – life has faces too, just like the moon… Our faces…

The moon’s phases change but the moon’s face never does. The moon’s phases are dependent on the Sunlight… and so is our visualization of the moon’s face… The light from the Sun tracks the moon and allows US to see its beauty and ponder its meaning…

Our life phases and faces change… And we ever shine like the Sun when we become dependent on THE SON. We too are raised in the sky… this gifted LIGHT from the Son tracks us and allows our faces to shine in beauty. We pass thru our life phases while we ponder our meaning, but we need ONLY to look at the LIGHT to future guide our way… The LIGHT saves us from eternal darkness.

The moon’s orbit is 5 degrees offset different than the earth… It is never still and neither are we. It reminds us to move steady. Like the revolving earth and moon, we must move. Life phases move slowly but surely we are always moving and as long as we continue to move TOWARDS the LIGHT, then our lives will be bright and illuminated for all to see. With Jesus’s LIGHT in us and in us, others see our beauty and ponder life’s meaning… They will know we are blessed from the LIGHT. Perhaps they will catch on and gain the LIGHT too.

Yes, we ARE blessed, for we HAVE seen the LIGHT. And we FEEL the LIGHT… And we long to SHINE YOUR LIGHT, OH LORD…

Thanks, God for the Jesus LIGHT… Your beautiful Bright, Right, LIGHT…

Thank you God for choosing us – thank you for choosing me – to feel your LIGHT.



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