God Listens, We Should Too, 14MAR – #383



wanted to write this yesterday but when i saw a billboard this morning that said “Are you listening?”  –  knew that was a God sign to get this down… and to remember to listen! It builds on the message a great sermonist and friend wrote… About staying close to God and opening up to HIM.

God Listens, We Should Too, 14MAR

Always the weekends I yearn to hang out with my kids, we run crazy busy all week and weekend… I love being in the car with them as teens – sitting in the front seat and ready to talk – that is where we have alone time…  and where I as a parent can’t do anything but drive and listen, no cell phone or others around. My son said to me last night – “Your a good mom – but you have to listen to me” – yeah – listen – just listen…  my daughter says the same – don’t we all??? don’t we all want someone to listen?

I had this whole devotion flood into me about the appreciation of God’s listening skills and comforting skills…  It flooded in after my son got hurt this weekend – he was hit and scraped by the door of our car in a parking lot – he’s OK now – but it REALLY hurt at the time and he got a bad scrape. As I held him close while he winced in pain it was like he was very little again and I also felt that pain he was in, but I couldn’t fix it…. I could just hold him – and I know ALL you parents understand that… and wow did it ever feel good to just hold him.

I thought about how the immense love that parents have for their children is so amplified in the love God has for us… And I thought many folks also sometimes wait until they are REALLY in pain before they reach out to God… It’s sad because God wants us to reach to Him always – in joy and pain, to keep close to Him, in good and bad.

I know when my son is really in pain because he stifles the crying, he turns SO quiet… He internalizes… But I could hear it and he needed comforting just as much as I needed to comfort him as his mom.

When we ache we sometimes stifle it too, and have to re-open that ache to acknowledge to God that we just want to be held close by Him… God already knows that and God is ready – we have to realize that we need God as much as He needs us – and yeah He really really needs and wants us! God is waiting in aching pain for us to acknowledge Him – they say God is RUNNING towards us when we start walking towards Him…

God is accustomed to having us (collectively the whole world) turn our backs on Him – to ignore Him and His blessings  – and to complain about life and even about our perception of Him!  I have had too many conversations where the folks thought God was punishing them…  well…  hmm… I don’t know – but I do know that God is waiting and waiting and waiting to hold them close again – to hear their issues – to comfort their tears – to take them back after they stray.  I know that God is fair and forgiving – and awaiting for us to tune Him in.

I am so blessed that God waited so very patiently for me to realize the way – and for me to acknowledge that He has everything in His control – and I should trust that.. He waited for me to start listening for decades and now it is my time to listen to Him… and to TRUST Him… and to best ACT in accordance as His image and with intent.

God loves His children so much – and He longs to just hold us – He longs to wipe those tears and He longs for you to understand His sadness too – He needs to comfort you just as much – if not more – than you need to be comforted – God is waiting to hear you and to see your smiling face once again!

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