Easter… Welcome with NO Judgment, 26Mar – #388



Easter… Welcome with NO Judgment, 26Mar

So, Lord knows it’s a fun day on Easter to greet those we don’t see for a long time…. I went to a seminar that spoke to the EXACT conversation I just had… When people don’t go to church and then show up, they feel judged… Yup… Sad to hear/say “If those people call themselves Christians then they shouldn’t make people feel bad”… Sigh…

Honestly, if you do feel judged, then please pray for those who are judging you, they need prayers… If you feel out of place (probably alot of folks do) just stay – just walk in anyway, God already knows the plan, just walk in and let Jesus take the heat. Even if you don’t know where to go, walk in anyway, and let Jesus take the heat.

I beg you and ask as a Christian that you and I try really hard NOT to judge folks on Easter or anyday – inside and outside church (or at least we should bite our tongues!)… and just think what would Jesus do…. It’s that classic question… Jesus would smile when He sees HIS brothers and sisters and Jesus would be so busy asking HOW they were doing that he wouldn’t when have time to say “hey, I’m surprised to see you!” Or “hey stranger”…

Wouldn’t it be better to say: “it’s good to catch up with you”, “I am glad we ran into each other”, “HAPPY EASTER!”, “GOD BLESS”….

Yeah… As a MOM of a teen, and a former teen myself, I know it’s tough to get them to church because it’s the only sleep-in time they get, and on top of that, they might feel judged (What they wear, how they look, that they have to be with their parents, ugh)… When my kids were small toddlers, people used to say “your kids don’t have shoes on”… Perhaps they could have said :”it’s great to see your kids, but aren’t their feet cold?”… Well, I always replied: “shoes? You are lucky they have clothes on!” That usually hushed the folks….

But I am also a sinner in my judgment of people? On this soapbox, well YEAH I am a big big sinner! I can’t write this piece without judging those people who judge! NONE of us could throw the first stone, NONE of us is without sin, none of us keeps from judging… But we have to try! … Lord knows I am willing to take some heat for reminding you folks to walk in non-judgmental Jesus’s shoes… and this is how we yield to God’s Will, we try REALLY HARD to get it right for God…

Jesus came to save, Jesus came to take the heat for those feeling judged, so please don’t judge, it just makes God’s job even tougher… Jesus is walking thru the door, inside each person, maybe even carrying in a few people, so please simply welcome them, welcome Jesus…

…and maybe, just maybe, someone will also simply welcome us with open arms and not judge US…

Welcome Jesus this Easter Sunday, and everyday – because everyday IS EASTER! And everyone is a Child of God!


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