Find PEACE, Move Thru Your Mountain, 04Aug – #576



Find PEACE, Move Thru Your Mountain, 04Aug

I’m in a more peaceful spot, I’m back to reading my Michael Card “Imagination series” on the gospels – Mark 11 – that classic scripture of “Have faith in God – I assure you if anyone says to this mountain: ‘be lifted up and thrown into the sea’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen it will be done for him… therefore I tell you all things you pray and ask for – BELIEVE that you have received them and you will have them… and whenever you stand praying if you have anything against anyone forgive him so that your father in heaven will also forgive you your wrongdoing…. But if you don’t forgive neither will your father in heaven forgive your wrongdoing.”

Michael Card reminds us that it’s a lesson on believing in personal prayer and focusing on forgiveness… Jesus said forgive. We can’t go anywhere or get over any mountain if first we don’t forgive others.

It’s summer, its variable August weather, I know it’s going to be cold again way too soon… so I need to enjoy today before it goes away… my prayer today includes some healing of my hustle and bustle life – ask the Lord to forgive my preoccupation with myself – my prayer is to pause in prayer…

I long for the feeling of camping… Yet what am I longing for that I don’t already have? The freedom of not worrying, of leaving it all behind? Don’t I have that in Christ, ALREADY? I do but I forget that ALL THE TIME!… I pray for the freedom of being back in a place of nature and harmony with the world, of sitting quietly. Don’t I have that now? I do if I actually stop blocking my own PEACE… So will I achieve it? Christ says that I can.

It is quiet in my house at 6am, and I can open windows,  I have a window of opportunity for knowing peace… I can be quiet and listen to the morning birds, I can “Be Still” and hear the rustling of life moving… it’s just started raining, now pouring, the birds even hush…  my house can be considered a big tent… If I think in peace, then can I find peace and harmony inside my own tent? Can I move my mountains blocking my own peace?

Yes, I can move myself into PEACE.

Yes. I can Be Still and pray to not miss witnessing the peace that’s already here… I can pray to God to forgive my own mountain that blocks His peace… I have obstacles, yet I know they are nothing that God can’t handle… He already knows that He can handle them, and He is, so can I remember to rely on Him?

Christ assured us that we can move mountains, He was standing on a mountain when He said that, and then He moved – moved forward on foot – moved forward in the plan… So, in our prayers we are to believe that we have already obtained what we are praying for… then we have to move thru that plan too.

We can overcome obstacles by prayer, we can let God handle the obstacles for us.  We can believe in what God has ALREADY done… we can pray for God to forgive our doubtfulness in His plan… then get over ourselves, and move forward… we still have to walk over and thru the plan…

Do I believe in God? I do.

I believe I ALREADY have seen His faithfulness in me.

Do I believe in Christ? I do. I can learn His ways and I do believe in His power…

Can I move a mountain? Not without Him. Has He already moved mountains for me? Oh yeah….

Will He move the next one? Believe in His power and watch what happens…

Will we be required to work thru our mountains? Of course.

Is there peace to be found? I believe in His PEACE, do you?

I believe that you believe too. Thank you for believing too.



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