Tip God’s Hand, 30AUG – #584



Tip God’s Hand, 30AUG

Sometimes God lets you know what He’s thinking. Sometimes it might feel like a card game as we wait on the Lord and we don’t know what’s in store. But it’s no game to God, its played out on purpose.  Sometimes, just sometimes God lets you peek at His Cards…

In the end, God Wins! We already knew that! Therefore, we have to believe that He’s got a winning hand already and yes, He’s putting all His chips in…

Does He keep His plays secret? Does He whisper sometimes to you as He makes a move? Do you need to hear him say: “Watch this” or are you already watching?… Do you have a feeling,  as you watch Him rearrange His cards, for what His next play will be?…

When God lets you peek at His hand, does He actually want you to keep it a secret or not?. Maybe His plays need studying first so that we notice His subtle coordination, maybe His plays are way out in the open…. Actually, and in all ways, God wants us to know that He has plans for each of us. And yes, for everyone’s sake, God wants you to “Tip His Hand”…

Tip God’s Hand and tell the world His plans. God may surprise us, but it’s all written for us to know and see… Did He not already make His biggest move by sending Jesus? He has already told us, thru Jesus, that the most important commandment is LOVE – Love God, Love His people. Jesus has given us the directive that God wants us to “BELIEVE IN THE ONE HE SENT” … that’s because Jesus has been watching Gods moves from day 1. In the beginning there was the WORD…

And now? Jesus is now at His Right Hand, Jesus is watching inside every move that God deals. Jesus can and wants to direct your life… Jesus tells each of us individually that we do all fit into God’s plan. Jesus wants us to rest our minds and take comfort in Him, Jesus asks us to let His Holy Spirit lead. He wants us to empty our minds of our plans and fill them with His.

God wins… God wants LOVE to win. GOD made the world and God is sorting out all the cards right now – and we can watch Him as He plays them. We belong to Him!

Yes, God shows us His cards.

And it is no poker face – Love is written all over God’s face…



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