Peace Pieced Together, 02SEP – #586



Peace Pieced Together, 02SEP

My tears of life overflowed yesterday at home and blessedly my teenager put his hand on my shoulder to comfort me and moved the tissue box close to me and told me to take deep breaths and to pet the cat for comfort… wow…. wow, how did God get me here? God pieced that blessing together a little at a time, everyday working a little in His world to piece together a peace-filling moment – JUST FOR ME – instead of my tears, I was then distracted by the awesomeness of my son knowing how to process this situation to help me…  did you see how mercy and love moved God to move that tissue box toward me using him? I did…. I hear God in the slide… I felt God in the touch… I was distracted by His love fading the world away… I picked up on the pieces of peace that God has been leaving like breadcrumbs along the path to Him…

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