Our Christmas Mess, 06DEC – #776


776 MESSiah


Our Christmas Mess, 06DEC

Christmas can become a rushed MESS! Yeah, ask Jesus, even Jesus couldn’t get a room…

The times when Jesus arrived on the scene were a MESS. The world still can seem to be in a MESS, and we need to realize the real issues, therefore we especially need to remember to make room for Jesus and His Message of God’s Love at Christmas and always. We can help continually to clean up the MESS by delivering His MESS-age. Yes, Bless the MESS and the MESSage for the ages.

I’m blessed in my Christmas MESS, we are so blessed to have issues that involve boxes and bags, projects and parties rather than strife and sacrifice.  Amid the Christmastime prep chaos, I took delivery of my 2nd plush Jesus doll, wrapped so beautifully and simply in white paper and brown paper in a Hallmark Box, hand delivered by folks from the mailroom. They didn’t know the box they were delivering was “THE MESSAGE“. How beautifully blessed to see the sight of this new doll and that renewed sweet smile of Jesus, this time the doll was NOT squished in a plastic bag, like the last one. Oh, a Jesus smile! This plush Jesus already was extending His arms to show LOVE.

Even if that first plastic wrapped plush doll had been squeezed in plastic then a paper pouch,  He was at least protected from any delivery MESS, like rain and mud. This new plush Jesus doll came with no plastic wrapping, but He was hand carried by folks who took care of Him, kept the box out of the rain. They didn’t know what was in the box, but apparently no one in the delivery chain dropped the clean box into mud. Apparently they knew it was their own job to protect the box from a MESS. Hand carried in order to bring someone SMILES.

We can have SMILES even thru any life mess because we can carry His MESSage in our hearts.

Prevent your MESS – carry His MESSage. 

Time is upon us for us to make the world better and shake our MESS to help with the rest. Jesus shared His MESSage about sharing LOVE. This is the ONLY way to move away from the MESS.

How are we going to handle Jesus this particular Christmas? ChristMESS? Jesus started a precarious existence as an infant… The stable did make room for Jesus when a broken MESSY world was not ready for Him. Is the world ready now? Let’s keep trying. Let’s try to make it better, let us work for Him and take care of our corner of the mess then extend out into the deep reaches of the world. Let’s make room for His PLAN.

This plush Jesus came out of the box with hands extended low, surely to welcome and grab the little children running to greet Him, children whose faith trusted Him, who looked for direction.  We should too.

Our arms can also be extended low to scoop up baby Jesus into our hearts, let’s best use this Christmas to make room. Then our own arms should be extended up, ready to be picked up by grown Jesus our Lord and MESSiah at Easter, as we are raised WITH Him for eternal life…

Jesus is out of the box…

Jesus is ready to move…

Jesus rose from a MESS to be a MESSenger and MESSiah.

No MESSing around, His MESSage is LOVE.

Make room – make way for the King.

Merry ChristMESS.

God is with us.


PS my mom always says: “you’ve got to make a mess to make it better” – likewise let us spread the MESSage which will save the world.

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