With God, It’s ALL Personal, 28NOV – #986


You know what the best Thanksgiving leftover is? (And I have some GREAT leftovers in the fridge)… No. It’s not food.

The best Thanksgiving leftover is THANKFULNESS.

Just in this relaxing weekend and great weather, I have had unusual moments of pause, but what is NOT unusual is my thankful spirit prodding me to thank the Lord even more. And as I remember WHO, the Great I AM, who gives peace and pause… I ask why? FOR HIS CAUSE, lest we forget. 

What is another so thankful leftover I just now had? Well, time to catch up listening to Pastor deliver a deep Thanksgiving Eve message of what he is NOT thankful for, and what he is. 

What struck me as a Holy Spirit combination was that I had just read an article of the horrible bombings in the UK in WW2, and here Pastor mentions the horrors of WW2, and so many other times that really were much worse than now… yeah,  I agreed so much with his statement that times ARE stressful now, and yet for many of us, we have a cake walk now, even thru covid, compared to the intense level of other people’s lives then (and even now). I agree that we have blessings beyond blessings, ESPECIALLY knowing that we have JESUS. And He has a personal connection with us.

To me, when I read this old article about the villagers of Coventry, and how EXTRA anxiety ridden they were in the bombings, the line that struck me was it felt worse to them because of the nearly 600 people who died, knowing many of them in a small knit village, it felt so personal. As a war strategy, and an evil-related tactic, the disillusionment was just as bad as the damage, and infighting started to take place. They recovered from the devastation, but not without people coming to help – including Americans who felt a personal touch of their hearts to help intercede in the war. The statement in the article was that the CHRISTMAS SERVICE FROM A BOMBED-OUT CATHEDRAL drew the international news broadcasts. Light from dark won.


And I thought that isn’t it interesting how compliance with covering their windows was not only so important in wartime but they probably didn’t fight it, and they did it for the sake of all. (I don’t know, I wasn’t there, but I hope it was).  My thoughts are that blackouts were not the stressors, but the bombings were. Yeah, we have no idea how bad those people were shaken, but I believe that they pulled together: blackout curtains pulled together, people pulled together. I recently saw the YouTube video of the 96yr old Queen knighting Captain Tom who did 100 laps of his garden for his 100th birthday, raising money for the English healthcare system. Well, he knew the British Spirit to pull together, and raised 30 million pounds!!!. Here’s a 96 yr old and a 100 yr old who got to chat and count their own blessings. They both did their part then in WW2, they both do their parts now in encouragement. How can we not? How can we not???!!!

What’s our biggest part to play? SHARE THE LOVE. See, with God, it’s ALL PERSONAL. He knows and created EVERY ONE of us. Not just all people who love Him, He knows all.

Pastor’s sermon also reminded about how we are to LOVE on people to bring God’s peace to fruition… that is so true, how will hearts change? Not thru hate, thru LOVE. How will this be achievable? Not thru anything else but JESUS. How will He be known? How about us helping!

We still have Thanksgiving leftovers, and Christmas is coming fast. JESUS is not lost in the shuffle, especially if YOU deal Him and His peace into your next hand. DEMONSTRATE HIS PEACE. We don’t have time to keep stirring up angst of “woe is me” – let us trade that strategy into “wondering where God is needing me”. Let us trade the “I can’t wait until this is over” into “I have many missions over my mumblings”.  And what perfect timing for us to get as PERSONAL in our praise as we can. For Jesus, PEACE IS PERSONAL!

Don’t bemoan the bothers, be in thankfulness for the blessings. Be the example of the Lord raising you up, because you know that He will, that He did, that He does.

I always say that God pays me to smile. HOW DARE I SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. I’m human and I do whine, but God PERSONALLY reminds me to be THANKFUL EVERY TIME. 


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