Floored, 23JAN – #1052


Well I am floored, Lord.

I can say Lord that lately: I’ve NOT been bored.

I never knew what You had in stored.

There’s plenty of opportunities I have not yet even explored.

And so many blessings that are not by my own accord.

It’s Your Spirit in my brain that has roared.

It’s Your Spirit in my life that has soared.

Piercing my heart and soul, Your Word like a sword.

Into my mind, Your thoughts You have poured.

My pleas have never gone ignored.

You calm me in stormy seas, I welcome You all aboard.

Your Word in me, Lord You have struck such a Spirit chord.

Writing and rhyming, almost like lyrics that You have scored.

Your presence strong like strands intertwined into my cord.

You have given me peace when I felt so out of my gourd.

Directed me endlessly and yet never made me feel chored.

Sharing You Lord is purposeful, for You I could NEVER hoard.

For the rest of my life, Lord, I pray to You Whom I walk toward.

You have given me an ultimate feeling of wonderfully adored.

Lord, You raise me up, I’m forever floored.


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