Late but not Lost, 20JUN – #1190


SO many good memories this weekend – so many – and I was tickled pink to be used by the Lord – even and especially for when I was LATE – again – to church – like I am to so many other places.

Late – but NOT lost.

Late but not losing out.

Late but still a GREAT opportunity for the Lord to use me.

I arrived late (yet listened to the online feed) and was singing along – from my heart – to “Lion and the Lamb” – hop out of the car and start singing as I booked my way to the door in. A gentleman was similarly timed – had just parked and a pleasant exchange on the way in – he noticed my enthusiasm – my overflowing cup – which is not my fault – I just bounce the beat of His Joy. We parted to separate sides of the sanctuary – I like to be close to see the expressions on the pastor’s face.  Didn’t miss any of the sermon – just on time for that – and a great sermon for a serious Revelation 18 message about Babylon’s fall in 1 hour – yes ONE HOUR (post Rapture, post all the bowls of plagues and just before the Kingdom is RESTORED. But in that ONE HOUR all the wealth, commerce, kings – GONE.  “All your luxury and splendor have vanished, never to be recovered.’  And God’s wrath on Babylon’s iniquity spares it from landing on His beloved people – the ones who had to withstand this tribulation – and be martyred for their faith. The chapter 18 also reminds us to hold to our teachings – not buy into the cheapness of life and material things – to stay strong with the Lord. Then I heard another voice from heaven say: “‘Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins…” 

Leaving the service – here I was singing again and the timing again was just that – the Lord’s – and who was 3 steps ahead of me and heard my singing – turned and said: “I thought that was you”. HA! I said “Good Sermon!” and well, after chit chat of my job, I asked what he did – and he said “I make people happy” – HA! And just then I noticed we were at his car and he said: “I’m in the swimming pool business. I make people happy it seems.” – YES – I could NOT wait to roll my instant memory off my tongue – a thought of ONLY yesterday seeing a young boy’s JOY in a video of a swimming pool moment – son of a friend of a friend  – he had to have a good portion of his leg amputated – and his mom posts his progress on facebook. I HAD to exclaim that I have recently learned that this child, battling the amputation and chemo, LOVES swimming and this was the biggest joy he has had after these recent surgeries and ongoing chemo treatments… YEAH! I immediately said to “well THANK YOU” – for this swimming JOY (even if he wasn’t the one who helped that family directly) – yeah was that warmest fuzzy not fuzzy moment for me – he smiled and hopped into his car.  Leave it up to the Lord to know my lateness and lay down a link anyway. Leave it up to the Lord to put you in a good spot – late but not lost – late but not losing.

An opportunity to encourage is my job no matter how or when. No matter how late we come to the table or the truth, we are to pick up the LINK that the Lord lays down for us – and let Him lead. Don’t think that you are supposed to be the recipient of the Holy Spirit offerings, as many times you are the offering of the Holy Spirit!

LISTEN – LEARN – LEAN on Him – and LOVE. Share the Love (and Smiles Lord).


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