Hang Up on the Devil – NOW


Hang-up on the hang ups.

The devil will make you doubt and trick you into thinking God doesn’t love you enough to save you. 

But remember: God loves us. God loved us before the beginning of the worldGod IS love. The devil can not defeat that. 

The scare tactics by the devil, making one fear about the future, seem legit,  but if you trust in God, you can see some of the devil’s tactics clearly FAKE – like that terrible phone call that your car warranty is up, so obviously a scam. So clearly old news…. do people still get fooled? Yes. Do we have to stay alert? Yes. Are there updated scams? Yes. But listen and hear the holes.

God Loves us and we must stop picking up the devil who calls collect.  Our salvation is justified not by our own power but by His, our Lord’s. He pays all the bills. The Lord’s call is true. That’s the call we take, His… Pick up His Call.

Pray people are drawn to understanding what the relationship is just between them and God. It’s an individual conversation to draw closer to God, to pray in thankfulness, as well as need. When we draw closer, He teaches us more and more. 

The Lord’s Love is true.

The Lord’s call is true.



FYI – this came out of a conversation of how I know the Lord loves us and takes us to heaven. FYI, the book of Revelation is the future, or some say the ongoing process… John, Jesus’s beloved disciple, was given the vision/insight when he was in his 90s and exiled and told to write it all down. He was actually taken to Heaven. He was the scribe for us – so that we know the future and how heaven will take us and those who have passed away. It describes heaven and earth being restored in later chapters, after the old ones pass after the destruction of the devil once and for all. It’s the hope given of eternal life. It’s the knowledge that God is in charge. 

The section that talks about the dragon (devil) and beast is in Revelation 13, and speaks of the number 666 and the mark of the beast. Whomever doesn’t worship the devil’s dragon and beasts and get the number or the name tattooed on them will be killed. This is AFTER the Rapture, where believers are already with Jesus. We as believers get a front row seat to watch. 

We must help others know that God rings true. We must keep looking to the heavens – preparing for Jesus’s second coming. Amen Amen

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