When Do I Hit the Gas?


I wonder what the next phase of my (your, our) life will be in serving the Lord.

I know that the Lord has many plans for us (for me) and I humbly accept what I can handle, when I can handle it.  There’s always a learning curve to navigate, and seems in life, that is everyday. 

I took a first hour out with my son doing practice driving. We stayed only on the brake and did not apply the gas, and we just stayed in a parking lot. We have to build confidence and live safely with common sense. He did very well. Maybe next time, in a big open field, I will let him hit the gas, maybe.

We all have to learn how to let the Lord direct our way. We apply knowledge before we apply power. There are times when we DO need to let off the brake, but we do NOT need to put in any gas power into our path. The Lord knows EXACTLY how and when He wants to move us. Other times we do know the plan and are commanded to run with it – and making His clarity our reality, we then apply the gas and GO.

I know enough about the Lord that He has already planned what’s around the bend. I know enough about myself that whether I am on the brake or the gas, I best let Him drive me there. I also know that the Lord made the road itself over any terrain we will encounter together. And you know life will have many roads to take. Hands on the wheel, foot on the brake, eyes on the road. Thanks to the God who puts gas in our tanks.


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